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2021/2022 season

It has been a tough year for everybody, Covid has transformed the way we operate in our daily life but its not all bad. People have been spending more time with family and more time with close friends, more time outside enjoying the things that are outside their front door and more time living in the moment. Here at Elevated fishing we hope to share a family friendly outdoor adventure with you and your close friends, it may be new to some, and old past time to others but its fun and accessible for everyone and luckily not much has had to change to safely operate in our current climate. 

COVID safety.

Here at Elevated fishing we are lucky that Covid has not had a serious impact on our daily operations. The experience will be the same as always with a couple small additions.

  1. All groups are private as always. 

  2. I will be wearing a mask any time I am with guests.

  3. All gear will be cleaned in between groups to ensure your groups safety.

  4. Transportation can be arranged in the company truck which is cleaned twice daily or in your own vehicle. 

  5. Hot chocolate cups will be provided and washed daily with every group having new cups.  

  6. Hand sanitizer will be provided. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please dont hesitate to call me, I will do everything I can to accommodate and adapt your trip to make you feel comfortable. 

Come join me on the ice. 

-Campbell Bryk, Owner/operator, -250 299 2350.

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